The strength to keep going

So, I’ve reached the end of my physiotherapy and I have my review next week. I have learnt so much and the biggest thing that I have learnt is that physiotherapy is not just for those that are broken. It is, in fact, absolutely essential to prevent you from breaking in the first place. Just like anything in life, if you prepare yourself you can achieve whatever you want.

I almost didn’t follow through on attending my first appointment as I was sure that they would send me home. Working together with my therapist on my core muscles and my balance has uncovered lots of hidden things that I never knew about. Apart from teaching me helpful exercises they have taught me to pace myself, make time for myself and listen to my body. I have also realised with regular practice and stretching I will be able to be stronger for longer. It is so important that I can’t recommend it enough.

I found it hard at first as I always wonder where I will find the time to fit anything in. I suppose we all have a little resistance when someone suggests something. You immediately think ‘I haven’t got any time!’. The truth is you just have to make that time for yourself every day. No one is going to make it for you. It just takes practice. Eventually, we compromised on an amazing idea of just choosing three exercises a day from a sheet of about 20 and this has worked brilliantly for me. Bite size, regular practice is better than nothing at all and I can definitely feel the difference.

I also feel that I will hopefully be going into my second pregnancy with a better body than the first one and let’s hope this makes for an easier ride! I am scared of so many things about getting pregnant again but at least I have the tools to keep my body strong and supple now. I am officially free of all my medication and so now we are in the land of the unknown.

Of course, you have to manage your expectations. I definitely won’t be running any marathons, I am happy to leave that to Marc, but I feel confident that I will be living better as a result. So, if you ever do get referred to physio, embrace it with an open mind….

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